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Saturday, January 09, 2016 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hiyaaaa ~~~ Halooo
I'm back again updating my bloggie. So this time it'll be 'nasi campur entry' again like I used to write in my blog. I forget since when do I post entry with more than one title. Back then, Ijah update entry with just one title. Focus on one thing. Nowadays, paling kurang pun 2 benda Ijah akan taip kat sini.

So yesterday (practically cause its already 12 when I typed this) Ijah ngan kawan2, classmate went on fridate. Well, Ijah tak sure if we can consider it a date cause all that we done were watching movie and ate our dinner together. They were 8 of us including me. Me and my girlfriend arrived first at the shopping mall, then later the guys came after solat Jumaat. Guess what, I WATCHED DILWALE (finally !) It was so fun that I want to watch it AGAIN. Maybe not in cinema (ain't got no money already /sobs/). There were only 3 of us. The rest were watching other movie entitle "The Forest" (Apologize if I got it wrong). It was a horror movie. If it was me, I'm not going to watch that genre of movie. Horror genre of movie is a no-no for me. Not that I like it or I scared, but the image of the anything that appear in the horror movie remain stick in my head. When I'm alone I tend to imagine the scene. HALP ! Back to fridate story. Dilwale was SUPERB ! /fangirling mode/ SHAH RUKH KHAN IS HANDSOME CUTE AND FUNNY AND KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !! /normal mode/ Cerita dia kinda remind me of one movie/drama but Ijah tak ingat apa. Apa yang menarik cerita nie it shows the strong bond share between brothers even diorang bukan adik beradik kandung but the adik sangat sayang abang dia and vice versa. The humour in the movie, satu panggung gelak. Panggung tadi full house. PERGH Ijah beli tiket dalam kol 12++ the show was on 2:15. Time beli tu the only available seat left were in the 3/4 front row. gawd. Eh jap, jadi amcam movie review laa pulak. hihihihi gomen ne ~ (gomen=sorry in Japan) Sambung cerita fridate. After the movie me and the other two friend tunggu laa member yg len habis tengok wayang cause their movie start late than us. Next, kiteorg dinner. Done !

Concern ! Hurmmm, well, Idk something just not right with me. Naik sem 4 nie Ijah kerap sakit. Migrain sudah tentu, lately, Ijah perasan every khamis Ijah selalu tak datang kelas cause of what, sakit. Why hari Khamis ?! And also, Ijah dah semakin gemuk. Erm well not gemuk in other people preference. Other people told me I was just fine but I AM NOT. Dulu, after kol 10 Ijah lansung tak sentuh apa2 makanan even Ijah lapar. Then, I saw some article yg tak elok tidur dengan perut yg kosong so I decided to eat some snack or anything yg ringan if Ijah staying up late. Nowadays, Ijah even makan makanan berat, nasi malam(even right now while typing this I'm munching my sushi that I bought earlier) after 10 pm. NOOOOOOO ! This is so wrong. Maybe its okay to gain weight (My BMI currently is underweight) BUTI'm losing shape. /cries in a corner/ fats, calories. OMG. Kalau Ijah bersenam like every petang well I don't mind makan malam (what I mean after 10). Ini tidak Ijah tak bersenam. Bukan laa never, I do bersenam. I dance and do some routine in exercising. I don't jog. My breath just.... /sigh/ Maybe I should add this 'concern' in my new year resolution.

Now, dah masuk tahun baru and mid sem break dah tamat so Ijah akan berdepan the test, test test ! Next week, dah start test, 2 test on the same day. Dalam minggu yang sama, ada proposal yg kene submit. Minggu berikutnya, ada lab work. Dan d iikuti dengan test lagi. Semoga Ijah diberi ketabahan menghadapi semua kesibukan ini, and also my friend. Amiin ~

I guess that's all for this time. See ya later ~ Bye ~~