My very first ever traveling alone (uhm well not alone exactly)
Wednesday, December 30, 2015 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hairuuuuuu (Hello)

Whats up yo~ I'm back. Its been almost a month new sem had started. The last entry from me was was entitled "Kurang dari seminggu" which I typed in the last week of semester holiday. Its been a long time aight?

Okay now, why am I typing in english btw. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sekarang Ijah tgh bercuti, cuti mid sem. Ijah posting this which ada tinggal 4 days left before kelas bermula seperti biasa. Anyways, Ijah nak cerita abt my new experience cuti2 Malaysia on this mid sem holiday. 

Ijah this sem Alhamdulillah berpeluang pergi ke Kuala Lumpur. You can laugh all that you want at me saying this but SERIOUSLY I've never went to KL before. Cuti nie, that was the very first time Ijah menjejakkan kaki ke KL. Ijah first time datang ke semenanjung time mula2 daftar kt Uni in Johor nie. And yeah, Johor is the first state Ijah jejakkan kaki di semenanjung nie. So recently, Ijah planned nak travel around semenanjung nie. The next state Ijah decide was KL.

Nak summary kan my travelling story, Ijah pergi ngan kawan Ijah on 24th of December 2015. Just both of us. Kitaorg bertolak from Johor riding a bus. OMG that was the very first time Ijah berani travel on my own with friend without adults accompanying (Well, I'm considered young adult already right? Heyy, I'm soon to be 20 this coming 2016). Ijah kat KL tumpang rumah my friend punya cousin so kurang la kos penginapan while in there. I spent abt 5 days and 4 nights there. Sepanjang kat situ, Ijah, my friend and her cousin jalan around KL by our own using public transportation such as LRT, Monorel and also KTM. It was very fun and created bunch of memories too. Still kennot move on from everythings that we've done there. Ijah tak habis pusing KL lagi. Maybe next time Insya Allah for second time. Insya Allah 

I'm planning to go there AGAIN someday hihihihi. Semoga dipermudahkan. Next state that in my bucket list is Pahang. My friend suggest pergi Genting Highland and also Cameron Highland. Insya Allah one day. In my bucket list also which IDK when would it come true... KOREA!!! My mom once said this to me "Dapat juga pergi tu nanti, belajar jak" I believe in you mom, Amiin~~

That's all from me in this entry. See you soon in next entry /wink/

Extras: Happy birthday to my crush, Kim Taehyung !! /heartsheartshearts/ Get well soon. ㅠ^ㅠ #태형생일 (spamming my own wall w taehyungie pic >/////< )

Isn't he such a cute potatotie >////<

Idk why I fall for him pmsl lmao him

사랑해 ~~ 

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