24th Jun 2015
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi readers sekalian yang disayangi XD
Hehehe.. Ntah ada ke tak readers nie. /facepalm/

Btw, Sebenarnya Ijah nak post entry nie semalam which is 24th Jun BUT! I've got something.. well bukan laa got something just I don't feel really well yesterday.

So, apa yang Ijah nak cakap pasal 24th June nie? Haha. 


Oready 19 yrs old this year officially. Well, officially 19 since last year safar if ikut kalendar hijrah. Ikut kalendar yg biasa kita guna nie, I'm officially 19 yesterday. Alhamdulillah :)

Ijah nak story mory cket.. eh xlaa.. banyak sebenarnya. So where to start? /wink/

First of all, malam before 24th Jun tu, on 00:00 a.m. my housemate give surprised. It was simple yet it touched my heart. Ijah nangis malam tu. Terharu. This is when I got really small heart, hati mudah tersentuh. I'll keep it nicely for those memories that night. Thanks a bunch le housemate !
Malam tu jugak classmate wish Ijah on ws, my friends from HS also. And Ijah most terharu when my adik send me voice note in the morning, subuh, he sings birthday song to me in Korean and English. And also the extras, wishing me in Korean. 잘했어 동생아 ! 잘했어 !

Malam tu on 24th Jun, my friends, Nad and Sara treat me dinner. Well more to makan berbuka + dinner sekali. Lamb chop yang yummy yummy ! Thanks gegirls ! 

And last night, a few minutes after 00:00 a.m pass on 24th Jun, when I thought it was over. My housemate call me. Ijah dah nak tidur on that time.

Izzy(housemate): Ijah, pegi bilik Sazwa (another housemate of mine) sekejap. Nak bincang something.
Me: *Follows her* *Masuk bilik Sazwa*
Sazwa: Kau ingat kau tlepas ?!!

Then she came to me, lumur my hands with planta and others mandikan Ijah dgn bedak Omaigadd that night nak nangis pun ada but tak dapat nak nangis sebab I was laughing so hard. After tu time nak bersihkan badan memang kena bersihkan 2 3 kali cause the amount of bedak, pergh dah macam tepung campur ngan planta macam nak buat biskut raya Ijah tengok. anyway, that was one of the best memories I have for my birthday. XD

Last but not least, thanks jugak for those yg wish me thru FB :D

진짜 감사합니다 ~~~

I guess that all yg Ijah nak cerita for my birthday. I think.. 

extras: So, I'm not really sure nak cerita or not but.. I'll guess I'll just cerita jak. There's someone ws me last night. Nombor jak ada. I didn't know who is that and Ijah tanya dia many times siapa dia. And I feel so geram cause susah sgt dy nak bagitau identiti dy. From the way dy ws & text me, that person is guy. When I ask who is he, he kept telling that he only appear and text me once a year which is on my birthday to wish me. Ijah curious gila and he don't want to tell me his identity. So I ask a friend of mine to call him and yes we did it ! I finally know who is he.

If I'm not mistaken, dari suara dia, he's one of my ex. Hurmm.. Tak tahu nak respon apa. Why he doesn't want to reveal himself. Kan senang. Now dy main sorok2 identiti makes me fikir why he need to do that. Hurmm....