In the mood of sad songs?
Monday, August 17, 2015 | 0 comments

Assalamulaikum w.b.t
Hello readers

Entry kali nie Ijah nak share about sad songs? Hahaha. Well, tak jugak laa on sad songs, some are heartbreak songs, slow songs. lewls me. Idk why but I'm kinda in the mood right now. Sad songs. 
p/s: These songs I list down are songs that I know and listen and all of them are Korean songs. 

"How am I supposed to erase you alone and live when I miss you so much" 

"If I take one step closer, I'm afraid I'll lose you"

"It hurts but what can I do? I'm afraid, you called that love? Yeah right"

"Are you saying that you love me right now? How dare you"

"I keep talking to myself now. Saying words that I can't even tell you"

"I thought I wouldn't be sad at all but traces of you still remain"

"This damn feeling that suffocates my breath more and more. Maybe I trapped you inside my useless fantasy"

"I'm still perfectly breathing after the break up anyway. So don't do the things that kills and buries the hearts"

"Why don't you know the meaning of my tears? I'm not saying we should end it, I'm asking you to hug me"

"I was serious but you didn't acknowledge it"

"All of the things you said are like mask. It hides the truth and rip me apart"

"I just had a bad dream. That I fell for you, who come back to me once again. That I accepted you,who just came back however you want"

"Our relationship is like crack in the door and I'm the wall. I'll leave my voice in the empty air."

"Our nervous relationship. Me, trying to protect it."

I guess that's all the songs that I can think of. hahahahahaha

So next time maybe? for the next entry. 

p/s: Sorry for my super randomness for this blog but hey, its my blog aite? Hahahahaha