Recent interest : Makeup?
Sunday, September 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Hey yo ~ been a long time aight? Guess so. Anyways I don't think people will care. Hahaha. Siapa yg baca my blog nie kn. No one... oh wait.. ada jugak kot.. 1...2..3..? 

Jumping to our title entry for this time. Recently I just discover my interest in makeup. Uhmm well.. Sebelum nie, yes I do have interest in makeup thingy but I think I'm more to Korean Skincare. And recently Ijah got interested in Korean brand makeup. 

why korean? Others kan ade

Oh well, there's a different. You see, the common make up yg org nampak well correction yg me selalu nampak laa kn, the one yg Idk tebal? Korean punya makeup pun agak tebal jugak. But yg biasa people (from what I see w my view) tebal, you look more matured. 

What I like abt the way korean make up it looks natural. and does not look cakey? Hahaha. I like how they apply makeup. Teliti gila. Every inch, layer by layer, diffent tone of shades, highlight and etc. And you could see the different before and after. Maybe that's why Korean girls they sangat idk malu(?) going out w/out wearing makeup. The difference tho when wearing and not makeup.

Sekarang everytime Ija bukak Youtube I'll always browse for makeup tuto and stuff. hahaa. and the keinginan tho nak own every things that they use in makeup. Gawddd.

so yeah. Ijah tak tahu nak elaborate apa lagi. Feeling like I need a buddy to talk all these makeup thingy. Specifically Korean brand makeup. Gtg. Bye lovelies ~♡