What's on my brain currently
Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hello ~~
Annyeong ~~

Its been a while. Ingat nak update every night before I sleep. Unfortunately, kesibukan yang teramat melanda. Almost every night I got really, I mean REALLY tired and just went sleep straight.

Now, nak type2 about what inside my head currently. 

Firstly, Ijah nak everything this sem berlalu dengan pantas. Lots of unexpected things happened this sem. And Idk laa this sem macam tersangat packed and I get tired easily plus my health also tak berapa mengizinkan this sem. Selalu sangat sakit kepala, >__<

And this feeling mendorong kepada my second thought, I want to go back Sabah A.S.A.P !!! Tbbvh Ijah quite happy kat sini. I've got friends and this sem lecturer best. But then something happened and since that very day, Ijah nak balik secepat mungkin and forget everything yang berlaku. I want to erase everything. I want to throw everything. Balik nanti Ijah nak time alone. Ijah nak kurung diri sorang2 kat bilik, nak mereput dalam bilik. Kat sini tak boleh. Ada roommate and she might think I'm over reacting. Ah well... Terserah laa ngan point of view dy.

Another thing yang berada dalam otak Ijah, if tak silap kira, ada 20 hari lagi before balik Sabah. And in 20 days, I am thinking how to survive. I mean, gawd, how to explain this. This thought of mine juga mendorong kepada my second thought tu. Somehow, I feel ... lonely? outcast? Jealous? alienated? Ntah laa.. hahahahaha. how to expressed the right word. People, bila ada someone yang special, they tend to... macam mana nak cakap ea.. hmm.. AAAAAAA ntah laaa... (Here comes my rants yang ntah apa2) Maybe I was clingy. Ijah faham, and I know. But... /sigh/ /sigh/ /sigh/ And this feeling made mee think Ijah tak nak bergaul ngan diorang lagi. Bukan nak putuskan silaturahim cuma .. eya laa I should give more time, private time utk diorang. I totally faham benda nie.

Now.. what else. Oh ya ! Ijah dalam keadan binggung sekarang. Should I but Exodus album?? Should I? Kyaaaa!!! EXO nak comeback !!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!! 30th March nie release album. I didn't expect harga album would that mahal. I mean time Overdose tak sampai pun 70++ . Utk Exodus this it cost RM80. Maybe there are certain of you said "alaa berpatutan laa" I agreed ! But I've other things to buy !!! Eotteohke !!!!!!!!! 

Lasty.. (I guess) Final nak dekat. In 6 days. Wish me luck. My first paper will be on 1st April. Doakan Ijah. Thanks a lot dear reader ~ *sends love to you* *muah ciked*

Thats all? Hahaha. Annyeong ~~ Ppyong !