Random Stuff (2)
Friday, March 13, 2015 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Annyeonghaseyo ~
Hola ~

Second entry on random stuff/ Ijah akan share about random thing. Not specifically. Ijah nak update my bloggie daily BUT kemalasan melanda. Idk laa Ijah semakin hari semakin malas nak go online and update stuff. Except Twiter. Hehehe. Insta yes, I do sometimes update if ade nak share. But things like blog, my aff. Tersangatlaa malas. Even any korean forum yang Ijah join Ijah hiatus.

The first thing Ijah nak share is my final is getting near !!!! Owemjii ade 19 days left *andwae!!!!* Doakan Ijah. Ijah tak tahu laa if Ijah prepared for that day. But now, I'm feeling unprepared. Especially on subject Calculus. What is Calculus? Sama macam add math. Ya Allah Ya Rabbi Ya Rasul. Time study Ijah rasa okay je but tak tahu la bila buad latihan sendiri, time test, quiz I went blank. Kenapa ea?? Ijah tak nak laa macam tu time final. Can someone tell me why? /cries a river/

Second thing, EXO is coming back !!!! /insert fangirling mode/ HAHAHAHAHAHA Its been a while... Well not a while. Its been almost a year !! Since the last song from the mini album, Overdose. This time it'll be full album. Hopefully. And I'm surely going to buy that !! Hahaha. And why Ijah fully speaking nie. Hahahahah. Ini laa yang akan terjadi when my fangirling mode on. Terbiasa when spazzing and fangirling when other fans kat twitter tu. We're conversating in english.

Next, apa ea? Still in kpop mode lagi. hahaha. Sejak kebelakangan nie Ijah suka dengar lagu BTS. First my cuzzie bagi tengok dance practice diorang yang "Danger". Then Ijah tengok Weekly Idol. Then ada member kat sini bagi tengok mv "War of Hormone" And well... Their music genre tepat ngan citarasa Ijah. Ijah kinda like hip hop, rapping. Idk why I do prefer that. hahahaha.. and sekarang Ijah follow a program entitled 'Unpretty Rapstar'. Female rappers. Korang boleh laa check it out if ineterested ngan k-hip hop. Ada 8 female rappers battle every week to get a track song for 'Unpretty Rapstar' album. For the meantime, Ijah suka Kisum and Cheetah. Rap diorang thorbaikkk. Jidam pun best but I kinda don't like the way her voice rapping. 

Lastly, nak cakap pasal soal hati. How to start.. hmm.. there's someone.. Ijah lepaskan. Well not lepaskan. The exact word is giving up. Maybe? After so many times I endure, and manusia pun ada limit kan. And things happened. Ijah rasa kagum laa jugak siapa yang lalui sama situation macam Ijah and tahan for many years. Ijah nak tahan bertahun2.. hmmm... And cakap pasal soal hati.. I miss him.. Well I shouldn't talk about that but Idk.. ARGH !!! I wanted him to know but NO ! I shouldn't. I should move on.. However tell me how to move on when you're still in love with that person? /sigh/ I just don't know. My friends cakap sibukkan diri and find someone yang boleh buad Ijah lupa about him but its not easy. Cakap senanglaa but hati? Ijah rasa I share too much? Haha. Lama2 spill laa pula pasal dia which I shouldn't tell. In a nutshell, I miss him. I miss you

Itu aje laa for random stuff kedua. Haha. Melebih la pula Ijah on the soal hati paragraph. Apa2 pun thanks for those yg sudi baca. Doakan Ijah for my final ~~ muah ciked korg.. *throw love*

Adios !