Dua ribu tujuh belas
Monday, January 02, 2017 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Heyo ~~


HAPPY NEW YEAR ~!!! /throw confetti/

Yeah I know, Ijah lambat wish. but who cares, aight? 
2017. "New year new me"... laa sangat ! /muntah jap/ 
So how should I start this....? Semalam dalam kepala otak nie ligat pikir content of this entry, but today poof! hilang. Lets just jump to summary


It was suck tbh. Why? I hurt myself not to mention twice. People just won't stay with me. And also I lost a friend. Oh well, bukan lah hilang camtu je, just orang tu used to be my friend hmmmm nah nevermind. Cerita lama. Kita tutup. 

Another shitty thing happened in 2016, my life doesn't even changed. Nothing. Benda yang sama berlaku and getting worse. Its been 5 years for goodness sake! Until when pun Ijah tak tahu. right now I just can't wait for habis LI then kerja jap before sambung degree (Insya Allah) pastu graduate pastu kerja and ada life sendiri. Fighting !

Well, not all of the time it sucks in 2016. There are moments I would like to go back all the time. 

Such as


and this !

Kota Tinggi for 3rd time XD

On my birthday ~~


That 1st time naik roller coaster

Last time buka puasa with classmate

Trip to Kundasang-Ranau with him, supervisor time kerja and fellow workmates

and how can I forgot about this one, my first time ever pegi concert !

Not to mention my KL Trip on Christmas (I'll make another different post abt this)


As for this new year, my resolution is...... kumpul duit?
Yesh ~~ I know I know... I should've done this dari dulu tapi kesedaran baru ada /sobs/ 

My other resolution... become more fluent in Korean? hahaha merepek kan. I've been learning Korean language through web since form 5 and sampai sekarang tak fluent2 lagi. Bila nak fluent nie. Ijah nak sangat tengok drama or any variety without subtitle. Ijah dah pernah buad camtu and I can only understand 30-40% of it /sigh/ So this year, lets learn more diligently !

Another thing is, Ijah nak amik lesen kereta. Ijah tak pernah lagi try to take car license class so yeah. Cari duit dulu, cari keberanian dulu. haha Insya Allah Amiin ~~

I guess thats all? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ