Turning 20
Saturday, June 25, 2016 | 1 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hello ~

Yesterday was 24th of June which means 


*throw confetti*

I kinda get really emotional last night. Like REALLY emo. lewls me.
I never expected people would remember my birthday cause yeah, sekarang kan bulan puasa so semua sibuk hmm but it turn out to be sebaliknya

Last night, my friends made a surprise party for me. Well, takde lah party mana pun. Just suddenly few of them came to my room ( time tu Ijah tengah tengok drama + baru je lepas menangis cause terharu ada member len kol and wish birthday ). These fella suddenly matikan lampu bilik then ask me to pakai tudung and tutup mata. I was so freaking scared last night, Yelah, its like tradition(?) kengkawan prank people yg birthday. Next, they conduct me outside of my house, pastu pusing2 ntah mana then entered another house. It was so dark. Pastu they've count 1, 2, 3. As I open my eyes, heyyy ada yang lain tengah pegang kek and sing birthday songs for me. Awwww girls~~ Ijah tersangat terharu and I'd do really appreciate that and I won't forget it !

After that, we makan, makan and makan and buad bising ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dah tu mula lah parti yang tiba2. I never expected that kind of thing. and yay~~ another memories created~ 

The only picture that I can share huhu~

Thanks for all people yang wish Ijah. 



Sambung cerita;
After 2 hours of partying, for sahur Ijah plan with friends nak makan sesama kat medan selera kat sini. Pukul 4, hujan pun turun dengan lebatnya, angin bertiup dengan kencang nya. However, crazily, Ijah redah je dengan kawan, Sejuk bakhang. Kalau tidur time tu serius best tak tipu. But is was fun and unforgettable memories :)

And my birtdate day passed just like that. hahaha, pagi tu takde buad apa2. Cause I slept after subuh then sleep til noon. Bangun je, termenung XP

Oh ya btw, LOOK MY PAGE !
Dah ubah template sempena umur yang baru menginjak 20-an nie /oyeaaa/
Still banyak underconstruction so yeah~ Please bear with this bloggie.

Thats all from me uolls~

Arigato !