SEM 5 DONE ! (well not really)
Sunday, October 30, 2016 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Yo ~~
Alhamdulillah Sem 5 done !!!
..well not really. I'll consider it done bila result exam dah keluar. Now it partially done hohoho
Its been roughly a week habis sesi sem 5 kt U :) Ijah last paper exam on 23th of October so yeah
Congrats to me /tepuk bahu sendiri/
So entry kali nie Ijah will summarize apa yg blaku sepanjang sem 5, roughly. Might be a looong entry. or maybe I just keep it short.
1. FYP
Tyme sem 4 Ijah paling risau benda nie. Like seriously risau. cause I've been thinking what should I invent or whatsoever required in fyp. Takut sangat tak jadi. Naik sem 5 the first thing yg Ijah hadap is teammates. We required to be in a group consist 3/4 person. So in group class Ijah gegirl ada 7 org. Yg 3 org dh form group. so tggal Ijah and another 3. Boleh je in group semua perempuan. Tapi Ijah takut nak amik risiko. Takut kerja tak jalan, Not to mengaku lemah but perempuan ada limitation I've had to admit that. And alhamdulillah jumpa gak 2 org mamat nie. hahaha Sorang recruited thru whatsapp and sorg terjumpa depan pintu (inikah yang dinamakan fate? hahahaha) hoho

Jjajan~~ our team ~~

2. ENT

So ini lagi satu benda yang Ijah risau. Sila bayangkan in satu sem kena siapkn 2 big project. (well its not that big but heyy its really outta hand /sobs/) tapi Alhamdulillah ke akhirnya everything dapat disiapkan. Thanks teammates 

3. Classmates

Part nie agak sedih sikit huhu These guys my classmates since sem 1

Can't find any better pic of us than this huhu
I'm not really sure sem berapa some of us kelas lain2. hmmm These people are nice people. They'll remain in my memories. :') Sangat sedih tak dapat nak gather before balik Sabah. huhu tak tahu bila dapat kumpul lagi cam nie. Pic above was on puasa. kitaorg buka puasa reramai. Kinda remind me of the time buka puasa reramai sem 1 :') I'll miss every moment with them and certain people. Thanks for filling my pages in uni life :) Panjang umur murah rezeki kita jumpa lagi kayy.

4. 1st experience of work !

Sem 5 nie laa Ijah buat kerja gila. Ijah kerja part time for the first time ever for a month. It was really a great experience and memories for me. kerja kat mana ? 

tadaaa ~~ 
Everyone was nice and yeah thank you so much for everything. Oh ya why I said this one kerja gila, I've never told my parents hoho dah balik sabah baru bagitahu. hehehe. Met a lot of people and know a lot of people and also met someone new eh eh eh hahahahahaha (p/s: I miss you /blushing jap/)

Overall ? Tadaaa

First time buad pedi and manicure. Terbang RM80++ /facepalm/

Sisters from another parents X)

This one also, sisters from another parents. This one time pegi Air terjun kat Kota Tinggi (my 3rd time hoho)

Buka puasa with akak2 bakal mechy engineer

Buka puasa with borneorean (bukan semua) exclude 2 perempuan kt sblh kiri pling dpn and llaki kt blkg tu

Time my birthday ~~ We partied really hard. hahaha. The surprise was really got me :')

First time naik roller coaster and others hahaha. Cosmo world ~~

That's all I guess? :) Annyeong ~~~