Final in D-1 | Crush?
Monday, September 22, 2014 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Annyeong :) 

Helllllloooooo peeeeppppssss XD
Yay! (or nay?) hehe
So what to post? hahaha

Final in D-1

AHHHHHHH!!! Esok the last day to study.....? I mean bukan laa last to study just.. final is on wednesday !! Ohmygucci !!! My first final exam for universities I guess.. haha.. weird me.. The first paper is ELC120.. ELC nie equal as english paper. Nak cakap sng kennot laa because I still lack in grammar. As you can see my entry here.. haha.. grammar tunggang terbalik.. 

I am so + neomu + talaga + sangat nervous.. >~~~~< Wish me luck peeps >.<


This ! oh well.. I can't say that now I am not ada hati ngan sesape.. well I'm human too. Who am I to resist this feeling.. I mean well mmg boleh nak tolak je perasaan BUT to deny.. /sigh/ Who? Nugu? Someone satu kampus ngan Ijah and taking on the same kos. Well Ijah tak tahu nak panggil crush or so whatever.. but the thing is I... Like him? hahahaha.. /laughing while face palm/ Dia tak tahu laa feel the same way that I do. We're just friend. Friend in whatsapp? haha.. Ini yang buat me geram gile. In whatsapp we like kecoh bcerita but when it comes to reality dia buad Ijah nie macam tak wujud kat situ.. :/ Ah well.. /sigh again/

Omo, cerita pasal crush je lebih.. haha. Okaii laa peeps, I'll update again later.. Gotta go.. Study mode on XD bye~~ Much love ~!

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