Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 0 comments

ah~ best nya tadi jalan sama dia. make me feel don't wanna seperate even seconds. i can resist him anymore. the look in his eye, make my heart racing raster. i like the way he smiles. smiles. :)
tadi jalan sama dia, study sama-sama. (hurmm...lebih banyak merenung dia dari study..itu lah kerja tak siap-siap)
if i had strength i wanna look deeply into his charming eyes. ah~ but i just can't there's something inside feels wanna blow.
then, we went to shopping mall. jalan-jalan jak tak beli apa-apa pun. cuci-cuci mata(haha). he kepts kicking my foot. kalau jatuh tadi cam mana. malu taw. =_=
after PMR i want to go on date with him... (! i kiddin')...hurm.. every moment with him are really precious to me... never gonna forget it!..(^_^)