a story...
Friday, April 22, 2011 | 0 comments

once ago, I say go away because its hurts me when i know its all lie about how much you love me....
how dare you boy! and its too late for you to say sorrysorry
you're just a man but i go crazy because of you and tonight you tell me goodbye and now i know i did wrong...
i'm just a bad girl and sometime a shady girl
your love like oxygen
then i know one of your friends confession.she sending you a love letter.
please!!!say no!!!!
i cant breathe easily now
i hope you say i'll be back as i thought i want you back.
coz you just my only shy boy..
my heartbeat keep pounding as i miss you everyday..
she named juliette..keep seducing you like lucifer..

i wait you until you return..coz i'm a loner now...your love is all i need..without you,i feel like missing...if i have magic and spell abracadabra...

then one day,'hello'you say...
'beutiful,there is no other than you...its you i only want...and only you i wanna be in lovelovelove..i wanna have a good day with you...stand by me now..lets have a sweet holiday together..love ya!'
i feel so happy...oh! youre all i need!!!i love you!!!!

hahaha...i'm just using any tittke of korean singz that fits the story....