i wanna tell you
Saturday, January 01, 2011 | 0 comments

i write this song on my own...

we met at hugh school
i siit beside you
you make me smile
when i almost cry

my heart beat faster when you're around
i just can't keep my eyes off you
i'm gaining my trust to you
sure enough to shoe you what i feel

before too late
i wanna say

i love you~more than you thought
i miss you~when you're not around
and now i need you~when i feel alone
and i hope you feel the same

why i van't resist you
what is this strong feeling
am i falling over you
so what should i do

before you gone
i want you to know

hold my hands~never let me go
hug me tight~never let me go
am i over you
just tell me the truth

i'm never make you cry
you'll never gonna be alone
don't let me hanging
waiting for your answer
just tell me~~